Come See me at the Museum of Mathematics on Saturday, February 4th. The event will feature a talk with Princeton Professor, Bill Massey and a Performance featuring Noah Jackson on Bass Eli Menezes on Guitar Bobby Sanabria on Drums And Special Guest ELEW on Piano

Come See me at the Museum of Mathematics on Saturday, February 4th. The event will feature a talk with Princeton Professor, Bill Massey and a Performance featuring

Noah Jackson on Bass

Eli Menezes on Guitar

Bobby Sanabria on Drums

And Special Guest ELEW on Piano


12/14- With Patrick Andy at Bonafide

12/10- With Rachel Brown at Ginny's Supper Club

11/17- With Patrick Andy at Bonafide

11/1245 Riots

10/29- The Phase at the Rosemont

10/29- With  Claire Khodara

10/28- ELEW Haunted Disco

10/26- At Newark Museum

10/25- With ELEW

10/15- At Grace Farms

10/14- At the Rosemont

10/8- In Princeton NJ

10/1- With 45 Riots

9/29- With New Jersey Performing Arts Center

9/28- With Andromeda Turré

9/27- With Andromeda Turré

9/22- With Rachel Brown at Blue Water Grill

9/21- With Cole Ramstad at Squares

9/16- The Phase at the Rosemont

9/16- Claire Khodara

9/15- Andromeda Turre at Refinery Hotel

9/7- Mile High Stadium for NFL Kickoff 2016

9/4- With Cole Ramstad at Surflodge

9/3- With Kristen James in Philadelphia

9/1- Andromeda Turre at Refinery Hotel

8/30- Claire Khodara

8/27- With Patrick Andy at Rockwood Music Hall

8/24- Fowler Studio in Greenpoint

8/24- Andromeda Turre at Knickerbocker Hotel

8/23- Claire Khodara

8/21- Bethany Baptist Church 

8/20- Av8ted Bashment

8/19- Claire Khodara

8/13- 45 Riots at Port Jervis

8/12- Rachel Brown at Joe's Pub

8/11- NA SON, It's my Little Sister's Birthday

8/9-8/10- Daybreaker in Vegas

8/5-8/8- Satchmofest in New Orleans

8/4- Andromeda Turre at Refinery Hotel

7/31- Cole Ramstad at Surflodge

7/30- Rachel Brown at Southampton

7/28- Andromeda Turre at Refinery Hotel

7/24- Josh Thompson at Trumpets

7/23- Tribute to Billy Taylor at the Riverton

7/21- Dusk

6/26-7/20- European Tour with the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys. Click Link for Schedule

6/24-6/25- 30 Vampires Birthday Celebration

6/24/16- The Rosemont

6/22/16- Knickerbocker Hotel

6/23/16- Peninsula Hotel

6/17/16- Blackberry Farm, Knoxville

6/15/16- Andaz Wall Street

6/10/16- The Rosemont

6/10/16- Daybreaker- Space ibiza

6/9/16- Daybreaker- Highline Ballroom

6/8/16- Le Bain

6/8/16 Dusk- Output

6/8/16- The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

6/7/16- Daybreaker- Gilded Lily

6/6/16- The Blond

6/6/16- Aurora

6/5/16- Av8ted Trunk Show

6/5/16- Daybreaker- House of Yes

6/4/16- Playing Hot

6/1/16- Samsung with Diplo and Gwen Stefani

5/30/16- Ludlow House

5/29/16- Yorktown, NY

5/28/16- UMass Amherst

5/27/16- The Rosemont

5/26/16- New City Brewery, Easthampton, MA

5/25/16- Zinc Bar

5/23/16- Zinc Bar

5/21/16- W/Andromeda Turre

5/19/16- Soho House

5/19/16- Daybreaker- Yacht Edition

5/14/16- 45 Riots

5/14/16- Red Rooster

5/13/16- Soho House

5/12/16- Jacob Burns Film Center

5/11/16- DL Lounge

5/5/16- Refinery Hotel

5/4/16- B.B. Kings

5/3/16- With Rachel Brown

4/30/16- Rutgers Field Day

4/29/16- The Rosemont

4/27/16- Knickerbocker Hotel

4/27/16- Speech for Newark Association Of Music Teachers

4/24/16- Prince Tribute Party at The Rosemont

4/23/16- For the Kids Benefit Party

4/22/16- With Cole Ramstad at The Django

4/21/16- Refinery Hotel; 8-10

4/20/16- The Knickerbocker Hotel

4/20/16- Daybreaker

4/15/16- The Rosemont: For Mushroom People Only

4/13/16- Andromeda Turré @ The Knickerbocker Hotel

4/10/16- At Newark Museum Jazz Brunch (12-2)

4/8/16- With Cole Ramstad at The Rose Bar (8-10)

4/7/16- With Claire Khodara at The Blond (6-8)

4/6/16- The Knickerbocker Hotel

4/2/16- With Cole Ramstad at The Django

4/1/16- The Rosemont

3/31/16- With Andromeda Turre at Winnie's Jazz Lounge; Herald Square

3/30/16- Dusk -The Gilded Lily

3/29/16- Dusk -The Gilded Lily

3/23/16- Knickerbocker Hotel with Andromeda Turre

3/23/16- Music Talk at Monroe Township Middle School

3/22/16- Cotton Club with Solomon Hicks

12/31- New Year's Eve with Andromeda Turré- Knickerbocker Hotel

12/30- With Andromeda Turré- Knickerbocker Hotel

12/19- With Rachel Brown at Ginny's Supper Club

12/18- With Clare Khodara at Soho House

12/17- With Clare Khodara At Columbus Circle

12/16- With Clare Khodara At Gramercy Park Hotel

12/16- Daybreaker

12/12- Av8ted Trunk Show- The Parlor

12/11- Antoinette Montague- BAM

12/10- Cole Ramstad- Montauk

12/8- Album Release Party- Dillon Gallery

12/4- Daybreaker: Art Basel Miami

12/1- Daybreaker

11/29- Tribute to Allen Toussaint with Jon Batiste- City Winery

11/24- Beford Stuyvesant Herkimer Church Thanksgiving Service

11/21- St. Albans Church Thanksgiving Service

11/20- Alive Act 8pm

11/19- Jess Magic Songversation

11/19- National Breast Cancer Coalition Annual Gala

11/18- Knickerbocker Hotel

11/17- Core Club

11/10- Daybreaker

11/6- Falucka11:00am-4:00am

11/3- With Rachel Brown at Manderley Bar

10/30- Falucka11:00am-4:00am

10/30- Daybreaker

10/29- The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

10/30- The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

10/24- NAACP Event in NJ

10/23- Falucka11:00am-4:00am

10/22- NJPAC Swing Dance Party- Gateway Center 4:30-6:30

10/16- Falucka11:00am-4:00am

10/14- MLK Statue Unveiling- Newark, N.J.- 11:00am-1pm

10/9- Falucka11:00am-4:00am

10/9- Grace Farms Opening- Check out the Promo Vid!

10/8- Rumney Guggenheim Gallery Opening

10/6- Daybreaker

10/2- Falucka11:00am-4:00am

9/30- Cutting Room- With Sinbad 7:00-9:00

9/25- Falucka11:00am-4:00am

9/18- With Jack Jeffers at Zinc Bar

9/16- With Rachel Brown

9/16- Daybreaker

9/11- Falucka11:00am-4:00am

9/10- NYC Fashion Week- With Blush City

9/7- Surflodge, Montauk- With Blush City

9/4- Falucka11:00am-4:00am

8/29- Falucka11:00am-4:00am

8/22- Trapped in the Closet Live: Black Bear Bar with Cole Ramstad

8/22Billboard Hot 100 Festival at Jones Beach: with Justin Baron

8/21- Falucka11:00am-4:00am

8/19- Daybreaker

8/16- Harlem Week: NJPAC Alumni Band; YMCA 135th and Adam Clayton Powell 4:00pm

8/16- Bethany Baptist Church Service: 10:00 am

8/14- Falucka- 11:00am-4:00am

8/12- With Mike Scala at The Saint in Asbury Park

8/11- With Rachel Brown at Joe's Pub: 9:30 pm

8/8- Great Jazz on the Great Hill Festival in Central Park:  4:30pm

8/7- Falucka- 11:00am-4:00am

8/7- Tribeca Grand Hotel with Cole Ramstad 8:00pm-11:00pm

8/4- Morning Cruise: Daybreaker  #dybrkr

8/1- Mercury Lounge: with Mike Scala

7/26- Harlem Week with NJPAC Alumni Band.

7/25- Album Release with ShamirMusic

7/24- Falucka: 11:00pm-4:00am

7/22- 49 Monroe Street in Chinatown:  Daybreaker  #dybrkr

7/21- B.B. Kings With 45 Riots: 8-11:30pm

7/18- St. Albans Park With Norman Connors and Michael Henderson 8pm

7/17- Falucka: 11:00pm-4:00am

7/15- Space Ibiza:  Daybreaker  #dybrkr